the profession: a career in asian studies

"the profession" aims to explore issues of common interest to scholars of asia, particularly in relation to the development of their careers as asianists.

the primary goal is to provide a forum through which scholars can offer ideas about navigating the various processes that go along with the academic endeavor. thus, in one sense it will function as a "how to" column for younger scholars as they face a variety of issues related to building a career in asian studies. we aim to include articles that deal with people’s own experiences and suggestions on how to approach particular aspects of the profession. the style and tone of articles is intended to be more journalistic than dense academic prose.

to date, some of the topics that have been suggested include:

  • how to begin publishing articles in journals
  • how to approach and work with book publishers
  • managing the tenure-track job hunt
  • curriculum development, designing courses in asian studies
  • how to obtain funding for research
  • how to organize a panel
  • dealing with life in a school not committed to asian studies

we will endeavor to include contributions from the perspectives of scholars who specialize in varied geographical locales in asia and represent the range of disciplines that contribute to asian studies.

please stay tuned for further information.