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member dues

the aas has a graduated dues structure. as a non-profit association, we rely on the graduated dues system to help partially subsidize dues for younger or more impoverished members. all aas memberships are individual. organizational/institutional memberships are currently not available.

member dues (except for student, associate, and patron members) are based on gross income from all sources, not limited to one's individual salary.

an aas membership lasts either one year, two years, or three years (with the exception of student memberships which are for one year only). membership will expire either one year, two years, or three years from the day of activation. to ensure no disruption of benefits, members are encouraged to renew membership before the membership expires.

all dues are in us dollars and are effective from january 2, 2019.

gross income not limited to salary   one year        two years       three years    
student   $40    
   under $15,999   $50   $90   $135
   $16,000-$30,999   $65   $117   $175
   $31,000-$45,999   $85   $153   $229
   $46,000-$60,999   $95   $171   $256
   $61,000-$75,999   $115   $207   $310
   $76,000-$99,999   $135   $243   $364
   $100,000 or more   $155   $279   $418
associate (spouse of regular member)   $25   $45   $67
patron/lifetime (one-time payment of $2,000)      


student membership

  • student memberships must be renewed annually (two- or three-year options are not available) 
  • proof of current student status is required before membership activation. attach current enrollment form, tuition bill, or student id with date to online membership form, or email to aas membership manager, doreen ilozor, at [email protected] or fax to (734) 665-3801.
  • a student card that is valid for several years does not indicate current student status, please provide additional proof.
  • the student category is designated for full-time students with genuinely low incomes.
  • aas significantly subsidizes this level of membership and allows members to remain at this level for a maximum of seven (7) years.
  • students are to be engaged in studies that will result in a university degree.
  • individuals who already have earned a doctorate degree may not join at the student category.
  • a self-statement of student status or quoting a student number does not suffice.
  • in order to register for the annual conference as a student, you must choose the student membership category when you become a member. membership categories cannot be altered after payment.

a student membership (and proof of current student status) is required in order to receive student member benefits. these include:

  • registering for the aas annual conference at the discounted student rate.
  • qualifying for the student travel stipend to the aas annual conference provided all criteria are met.
  • qualifying for other aas grants, fellowships and prizes intended for students.

students who purchase a regular membership are not eligible for the above benefits.  students who join as a regular member cannot change to the student membership category until the duration of the regular membership has expired.


associate membership

associate membership is available to a spouse of a regular aas member whose membership is current during the same time frame and the fee paid by the regular member is to be based on the higher income of the two. associate members have the same benefits as regular members but are not mailed the printed journal of asian studies. the associate membership is activated via the regular member’s profile.



misuse of member privileges, such as, but not limited to, sharing the individual password to access the membership section of the aas website, and using membership to receive publications for an institution, will result in membership termination.

note: membership is non-refundable and not transferable.


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