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aas statement on cambridge university press censorship in china

on friday, august 18, quartz, the new york times, and other media outlets reported that cambridge university press (cup) had complied with a demand from the chinese government that approximately 300 china quarterly articles concerning sensitive topics (tibet, taiwan, tiananmen square, and others) be omitted from search results on cup’s website when accessed in china. cup also blocked more than 1,000 e-books on similar topics from the chinese version of its website. scholars from around the world protested this action, and earlier today the editor of china quarterly announced that cup would restore its full archive to users in china, a decision we fully support.

the association for asian studies has received notice from cup that a similar request has been made by china’s general administration of press and publications concerning approximately 100 articles from the journal of asian studies, an aas publication. the officers of the association are extremely concerned about this violation of academic freedom, and the aas is in ongoing discussions with cup about how it will respond to the chinese government. at the present time, no jas articles have been removed from cup website search results in china.

we oppose censorship in any form and continue to promote a free exchange of academic research among scholars around the world. we will post further updates on this rapidly changing situation as soon as possible.

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