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aas-in-asia survey: summary of results

in april 2019, the aas officers composed a survey regarding the aas-in-asia conferences as a way to measure member attitudes toward the continuation of these meetings. the survey was sent on april 24 via email blast to all aas members who have opted in to member communications (6,001 recipients), with a reminder message on may 1. by the time the survey ended on may 6, 517 aas members had completed it. all responses were anonymous.overall, the survey results indicate that aas members favor continuing the aas-in-asia conferences, but with some caveats and suggestions for how the association might handle the meetings differently in the future.strikingly, 70 percent (367) of the survey respondents indicated that they had never attended an aas-in-asia conference. when asked why not, 335 people filled in a free-response answer; of those replies, an even more striking 175 (52 percent) indicated that the cost of attending the conference and/or lack of institutional financial support had been barriers to their ...

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june 2019 aas member news & notes

the vietnam studies group 2020 graduate paper prize competitionthe vietnam studies group (vsg) is pleased to announce that it is accepting submissions for its annual graduate student paper prize competition. the competition encourages the direct involvement of graduate students in the growth of vietnamese studies and supports their professional development. the competition is open to full- and part-time graduate students, regardless of their disciplinary specialization. preference will be given to sole-authored papers based on original field, archival, and/or statistical research. however, thematic reviews that critically synthesize existing literature on a particular topic related to vietnamese studies will also be considered.the winner will receive a $500 prize and a one year subscription to the journal of vietnamese studies. if the winner agrees to pick up their award in person at the vsg annual meeting during the aas annual meeting (march 19-22 in boston), then the winner will also receive a $200 ...

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aas statement on stanford university press

june 14, 2019the association for asian studies (aas) is writing to express its concern regarding the decision of provost persis s. drell to cut $1.7 million in subsidies to stanford university press, thus placing the future of the press in financial jeopardy.for asian studies in particular, stanford university press is one of a very select group of top-tier academic publishers in north america that commands international respect. its publications represent cutting-edge and discipline-redefining research as exemplified by the “south asia in motion” series, as well as in new studies of pre-modern and modern korea, innovative analyses of asia in global and transnational contexts, and ground-breaking work in asian environmental studies, drug culture, and funerary practices. moreover, the field of asian women’s history owes much to the press, whose early support has made the entire field possible.most of the humanities and a large part of the social sciences take the publication o ...

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may 2019 aas member news & notes

congratulations to the aas members named fellows at the national humanities center for the 2019-20 academic year:olga dror (texas a&m university), “ho chi minh’s cult in vietnamese statehood”seung-joon lee (national university of singapore), “revolutions at the canteens: labor, energy, and the politics of eating in industrial china”shuang shen (the pennsylvania state university), “cold war and sinophones literature at the borders”***we are also pleased to share the news that three student members of the aas have received mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowships:sandy f. chang (university of texas at austin), “across the south seas: gender, intimacy, and chinese migrants in british malaya, 1870s-1930s”kyle ellison david (university of california, irvine), “children of the revolution: childhood and conflict in rural north china, 1937-1948”elizabeth joy reynolds (columbia university), “economies of t ...

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april 2019 aas member news & notes

two aas members are among the 168 scholars, artists, and writers named 2019 recipients of guggenheim fellowships. congratulations to michael k. bourdaghs (university of chicago) and lothar von falkenhausen (university of california, los angeles).***congratulations to the aas members who have received funding from the national endowment for the humanities to support their scholarly work:todd lewis (college of the holy cross), “dharma and punya: buddhist ritual art of nepal” exhibitionkathryn meyer (wright state university), “aviation and nation building in wartime manchuria”jennifer ortegren (middlebury college), “new neighbors, new muslims: gender, class, and community in contemporary india”jessica starling (lewis and clark college), “leprosy, social work, and ethical praxis in contemporary japanese buddhism”rina williams (university of cincinnati), “marginalized, mobilized, incorporated: women and religious nationalism in india ...

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the real meaning of “sensei”: donald keene and his students

by carol gluckreaders, writers, and scholars in japan and the west celebrated the life and work of donald keene in the days after his death on february 24. at the same time, a smaller, but still quite large, group of his former students consoled one another in criss-crossing e-mails that recounted the importance of donald keene in their own lives. from around the world came the warmth of personal remembrance: studying with professor keene at columbia had challenged and inspired them in the classroom and for decades afterwards.  from undergraduates who took only one course from him to doctoral students who later became his scholarly colleagues, they never forgot him as he never forgot them. their eyes light up when they speak of him, as his eyes did when first he taught them and ever after when he met or thought of them.i am a member of this grateful group, who remember donald keene not only as a master scholar, prodigious writer, and sparkling lecturer, but as a teacher who transported us wit ...

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aas statement on extra-judicial detention of turkic muslims in xinjiang, prc

march 27, 2019the association for asian studies expresses its strong concern over the detention of at least 800,000 and up to 2 million uyghurs and other turkic muslims in political “re-education centers” in xinjiang, northwest china.1 turkic muslims have been interned, imprisoned, or forcibly “disappeared” since april 2017.2 such detention constitutes a major violation of human rights and, in the case of our academic colleagues, a clear disregard for academic freedom.we are particularly dismayed at the disappearance of at least 386 uyghur intellectuals and scholars, including 21 staff of xinjiang university, 15 staff of xinjiang normal university, 13 staff of kashgar university, 6 staff of xinjiang medical university, 6 staff of the xinjiang social sciences academy, 4 staff from khotan teachers’ college, and 101 students.3 turkic muslims have been denied the freedom to use their mother tongue, to pursue qur’anic studies, or to study and research abroad.4 those ...

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february 2019 aas member news & notes

congratulations to aas member nancy s. steinhardt (university of pennsylvania), who has been honored by the college art association with its distinguished teaching of art history award.***aas member kenneth pomeranz (university of chicago) is co-winner of the prestigious dan david prize in the “past” category for his work on the macro history of east asia.***longtime aas member chi wang has been recognized by senator james risch, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, for his 47 years of service at the library of congress. dr. wang was head of the library’s chinese and korea section from 1975 until his retirement in 2004. read the full text of senator risch’s remarks honoring dr. wang in the congressional record.***thank you to all who donated to the aas in 2018; the list of donors is now posted online. your support enables us to carry out many important programs and initiatives, and we greatly appreciate all donations we receive.to support the ...

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meet the new vp: christine reiko yano

christine reiko yano is professor of anthropology at the university of hawai’i at manoa. she will take office as the aas vice president following the march 21-24 conference in denver, colorado.i am an anthropologist of japan with research on popular culture analyzed through multiple lenses of gender, affect, nationalism, globalism, and consumption. i come to the aas vice presidency as an outlier—asian american (sansei, third-generation japanese american, born and raised in hawai’i), working-class background, popular culture research. but it is these very outlier positions that provide a perspective that may be of benefit to the field of asian studies. i have been active within aas, serving on the northeast asia council (including as chair) and the distinguished speakers bureau. i currently serve on the american advisory committee of japan foundation (aac, elected chair as of 2018). at the same time, i have recently been active in the field of asian american studies, serving since 2017 on ...

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aas 2019 book prizes

the aas is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s book prize competitions and offer congratulations to the authors and presses. we encourage everyone to attend the awards ceremony at the upcoming aas annual conference in denver, co on friday, march 22, where the authors will be recognized and receive citations.joseph levenson pre-1900 book prize (china)jonathan schlesinger, a world trimmed with fur: wild things, pristine places, and the natural fringes of qing rule, stanford university presshonorable mention: craig clunas, chinese painting and its audiences, princeton university pressjoseph levenson post-1900 book prize (china)ching kwan lee, the specter of global china: politics, labor, and foreign investment in africa, university of chicago presshonorable mention: thomas mullaney, the chinese typewriter: a history, mit pressjohn whitney hall book prize (japan)bryan d. lowe, ritualized writing: buddhist practice and scriptural cultures in ancient japan, unive ...

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