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“key issues in asian studies” books are designed for use in undergraduate humanities and social science courses, as well as by advanced high-school students and teachers, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in asia. “key issues” books complement education about asia, and serve as vital educational materials that are both accessible and affordable for classroom use. “key issues” books tackle broad subjects or major cultural and historical themes in an introductory but compelling, jargon-free style appropriate for survey courses, written to encourage classroom debate and discussion.

questions/suggestions: if you have questions about "key issues in asian studies"—or have suggestions for topics that would be useful in your teaching—please contact "key issues" editor, lucien ellington, at [email protected].

potential authors: view the "call for proposals & author guidelines."

the following "key issues" titles, written by leading teachers/scholars in their fields are now available, with more exciting titles in the works: