why study asia?

“at a time when people, ideas, products and fashions are flowing between asia and other parts of the world in unprecedented quantities and at unprecedented speeds, there has never been a more pressing time to understand this complex and diverse continent, whether one lives within or far beyond its borders.”

— jeff wasserstrom, editor, journal of asian studies

“asia is one of the major crossroads of the world: cultural, political, economic and social. over the centuries, the hybrid cross-breedings from migrations and diasporas, and more recently, from media and communication technologies, have led to shared worlds among countries and cultures within asia as well as between asia and the other major regions of the world.”

— lisa rofel, chair, aas china and inner asia council (ciac)

“geologically, geographically, demographically, and culturally, asia lies at the center of the human venture—a vast heartland from which the peoples and cultures of other word regions are mainly derived. as it recedes into the past, the age of ‘western dominance’ can already be seen to have been a relatively brief aberration, while the peoples and cultures of asia regain their historic centrality in human affairs.”

— richard eaton, chair, aas south asia council (sac)